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40 Years of Yamaha Synths

In 1974, 40 years ago, Yamaha introduced their first synthesizer — the monophonic, analog SY-1. Featuring presets, such as flute, guitar, and piano, it was the foundation upon which Yamaha has built their incredible family of famous synths, include the GX-1, the CS-80, and the DX7, all the way up to today’s incredible MOTIF series. To celebrate 40 years of synth success, Yamaha has created a special 40th Anniversary website. The first installment on this site is up now (Chapter 1), and Chapters 2 through 5 will be posted through the rest of the anniversary year. Chapter 1 covers the early years and models at the dawn of Yamaha’s synthesizer development. It’s a fascinating read!

Congratulations Yamaha!

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