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New Flagship Control Surface Redefines Mixing

Over the past two decades, Avid has completely redefined the concept of the large-format control surface several times, first with Pro Control, then ICON, and again with the System 5MC. But nothing we’ve seen at Sweetwater holds a candle to their new S6 system. With its unique modular design, the S6 offers studios room to grow while providing engineers with an ergonomic layout and intuitive operation that are simply unrivaled. From 8-fader editing suite boards to Hollywood-ready rigs with dozens of channel strips and detailed visual metering, Avid S6 delivers the ultra-efficient hands-on control that today’s fast-paced media industry demands.

By modular, we don’t just mean that you can add faders to an Avid S6 system. Options such as additional banks of knobs and detailed track displays allow you to build up your system vertically as well. There are many different housing options, too, from modest desktop layouts to freestanding mixing consoles with producer desks, VESA mounts, and other custom accessories. With this kind of flexibility, it’s easy to get into an S6 system you can afford now, and then expand as your business grows. Best of all, your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is fully prepared to help you create the perfect system for your needs.

Every S6 board starts with the M10 or M40 Master Touch Module, which feature an awesome tilting 12.1″ multipoint touchscreen, a pair of soft button displays, and an XMON talkback control section. They’re identical in every way except for how many channel modules they’ll let you run (nine for the M10, 41 for the M40). Either one gives you an amazing level of control, whether you want to tweak a single plug-in or manipulate dozens of tracks at once. The Master Automation Module extends this level of control with additional soft buttons, a super-accurate jog wheel, and other essentials.

There are four kinds of S6 channel modules: Fader Modules, Process Modules, Knob Modules, and Display Modules. Each S6 Fader Module features a bank of eight faders and all of the essential track controls you need to keep your hand off your mouse. The faders themselves are the same brushless models found on the System 5MC, which make adjustments and automation totally smooth. Every Fader Module is naturally accompanied by a Process Module and at least one Knob Module.

The Process Module acts as a controller for up to two Knob Modules, which let you adjust sends, plug-in settings, panning, and much more. If you’re running an S6 M40 system, you can also add Display Modules to your control surface. These phenomenal 8-part TFT graphic displays take metering to new heights, providing scrolling waveform graphics and useful track information right alongside beautiful and easy-to-read meters for each track.

With the S6, it couldn’t be clearer that “ergonomic” is more than a buzzword to Avid. Even in the most extensive S6 console layouts every knob, button, and fader are within easy reach. No more breaking your workflow to reach that one specific knob. That’s not all, the entire master section is only about a foot wide, which makes it easy to access both faders and advanced functions, without ever leaving the sweet spot.

One final major advantage of the S6 system is that it operates on Avid’s EUCON Ethernet protocol. Thanks to this remarkable communication method, you can control up to eight DAWs at once from your S6 console, including Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, and many others. If you’re looking for the one mixing system that can handle all of your needs, the Avid S6 control surface is it.

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