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Doyle Dykes Guitar Tone for Video

Q: Doyle Dykes is getting such a great amplified sound in his Guitars & Gear interview with Mitch Gallagher. The video reveals that he uses an LR Baggs LB6 and a Stage Pro element preamp with his Doyle Dykes signature Guild. But what was the rest of his audio chain in this video?

A: Sweetwater Editorial Director Mitch Gallagher tells us: “I recall that what you are hearing in that video is the Guild’s pickup through Doyle’s pedalboard into two amplifiers, which we miked with Shure SM57s straight into Pro Tools. His pedalboard had delays, chorus, reverb, etc., though I don’t think that he had any effects turned on for the video. The amps were Fender Deluxe Reverbs.

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