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Fretlight Guitars

At Sweetwater, we love products that help you become a better musician, so we’re excited to have added Fretlight guitars to our ever-growing guitar lineup. The Fretlight system makes it easy to learn new scales, chords, and even full songs, by showing you what notes to play via LED lights built into the fretboard. So, not only are Fretlight guitars great instruments in their own right, but they’re also an incredibly intuitive learning system.

There’s a lot to gain from the Fretlight learning system, for any player. If you’re a beginner, you’ll see exactly where your fingers need to be for chords, scales, and your favorite songs. And since you can choose the song speed, it’s easy to learn difficult parts at your own pace. Intermediate players will find it easier to break through to the next level, with alternate chord voicings, new scales and modes, and more-advanced songs. And advanced players can use the Fretlightsystem to audition different scales, modes, or chord forms, or to quickly learn new songs for a gig. Best of all, there’s a wide range of lessons available, featuring iconic guitarists and styles.

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