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How to Get 18 Volts for Pedals

Q: I saw the the Tech Tip on running pedals at 18 volts for more headroom. Is there a power supply that can provide 18 volts?

A: Yes — check out these:

Some of the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power series such as the Pedal Power ISO-5 have a dedicated 18-volt output. Some other Pedal Powers can be used with the Pedal Power 18-volt Y Cable to get the needed voltage from two 9-volt outputs. (Make sure the power supply you use supports this before using it!)

The Dunlop DC Brick has two 18-volt outputs.

The Gator G-BUS-8-US has three 18-volt outputs.

Dunlop’s ECB-004 is an 18-volt wall-wart power supply.

DISCLAIMER: As we mentioned in the original Tech Tip, please verify that your pedal is compatible with 18-volt power before connecting an 18-volt power supply! We are NOT responsible if you blow up your pedal with an incompatible power supply!

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