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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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set up help


I would like to mix itb and on the desk for eqs and other outboard gear. right now im going mic to mp2nv to lucid 2496 adat to digi 002. the other gear i want to incorporate are the hd24 and the sound craft ghosl Le 32.Is it also possible to sync the hd24 and the digi together? second when usin this set up( mp2nv to lucid 2496 adat to digi 002)I am getting alot of distortion from the signal going through like the converters are being fryed even if the volumn is low. any help appreciated . thanks
December 12, 2005 @03:01am

Are you sure everything is clocked right?
December 13, 2005 @08:42am

how do I do this?
December 14, 2005 @01:46am

help please
December 14, 2005 @06:13am

I replied to your myspace message :)
So others know the answer, you need to hook the S/PDIF output of the Lucid to the S/PDIF input of the 002, and make sure the 002 is clocked to SPDIF in the session set up window.
You should also make sure you have your digital inputs turned on. Can't remember that window name right now...not in front of a rig.
December 14, 2005 @08:24am