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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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So, I'm using pro tools LE and I am having some major latency issues. For example, when I am doing a vocal take the sound coming back over the headphone monitoring mix comes back a bit late. This creates a really disturbing delay effect and throws off my timing. I have used the low latency mode but then I can't use plug-ins and I need some reverb through the take. What is the best way to compensate for this? I am using a creation Station Pro Computer with a gig of ram and 3.2 GHz processor so no trouble on the computer power (I don't think). I have also experimented with the buffer size which helps a bit but still is not really good. What should I do?
December 5, 2005 @04:42pm

if you disable/bypass all your plugins, do you still get a long delay?
December 5, 2005 @09:11pm

Yes it does
December 6, 2005 @04:11pm

what is your soundcard's buffer setting? for vocals i usually set mine to 128, which gives me a delay of 2ms, which is low enough to record vocals without any issues. however, at that low of a buffer setting i generally disable all unnecessary plugins, so in your case, try disabling everything but your reverb on the send.
also, MAKE SURE you're using an asio driver! i'm not a PT user so i can't tell you where the setting is to select the card's driver, but it's gotta be somewhere in the basic options menu.
December 6, 2005 @10:14pm

i have tried messing with the buffer settings and have been able to eliminate some latency through that. It is good enough to work with, but zero latency would be really cool for perfect timing.
December 7, 2005 @01:13pm

The only way to get zero latency is to use an external preamp that has a direct out such as the great river pre. you can run the output of your protools session and the direct out of your pre to a small monitor mixer. This is only one suggestion, but the fact is I don't beleive you are going to get zero latency without any external box and using your digi's internal pres.
December 7, 2005 @03:13pm

...or a TDM system.
December 7, 2005 @06:52pm

are you on the digi 002, or an mbox?
December 8, 2005 @12:10am

that would be a digi 002
December 14, 2005 @04:24pm