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Why isn't my microphone working?


I own the original M-box. It shipped with a promotional pair of head phone monitors and a Samson condenser mic. Time has passed and I have the stand and cable to work with it. One end connects fine to the mic and the part that connects to the interface is a quarter inch connector. I've read the manuals and nothings working. The phantom power is on. I've got the source selectore on instrument and still nothing works... any help?
November 4, 2005 @05:17am

if the mic is a condenser, then it will require phantom power, they way it appears you have it set up is that you have the mic going into the instrument plug? if you have the mbox selected to instrument, most likely it will not spit out the phantom on that channel, as an instrument input would be different then a mic input.. I don't have an mbox. but i would try using an xlr to xlr cable, and set it up for a mic input...... that should work...
November 4, 2005 @05:53pm

I have the mic connected to source one which accepts both xlr and trs. I'm going to see about getting that xlr to xlr...
November 4, 2005 @08:43pm