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Firewire and Multi-tracking Digital Inputs


Ok.... I currently use a Delta-44 input box to run my mixer into, but I was hoping to get a digital interface that runs thru the firewire port on my laptop. I have looked at many digital interfaces, and I have a lot of options, but I was wondering about one thing specifically.
With my delta I can set the first two inputs to one track in my recording program, (Nuendo 2) and I can set the second two inputs to another track, allowing me to record two tracks seperately and simultaneously...
this is really helpful for editing later, when my friend and I both record a tracka nd we can apply effects to each individual instrument.
my major question is...
using Protools or some other program that is usually good with digital interfaces... would I be able to record two (or more) seperate tracks simultaneously without them blending to one track?
also, which interface would be the best to run thru the firewire (I have looked at m-audio, audiophile, etc.)
i was hoping to spend under 350 for the interface.. but i would be willing to buy protools if i could record two tracks without them becoming one track in my recording software.
October 29, 2005 @10:15pm

first...all daw programs alow you to record two different mic sources into to different tracks if i understand you correctly....you have to go into your preference setting and set what input to what track. and the only pro-tools software you're gonna get to work with your firewire interface is M-Powered. i have the firewire 410 that i used with Nuendo 2.0 and have no problems other than the unstable midi when using the drum map feature and i have used it with the demo version of the pro-tools m-powered and again had no problems, i was just curious as to why you would want to record two diferent instruments into one track?
November 8, 2005 @12:54am