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Digi 002r and PRE. HELP!


Hi i need some help.If i hook a digidesign PRE into all 8 channels of the digi 002r, will it bypass the digi 002r preamps and use the PRE preamps.Thanks.
October 16, 2005 @06:32pm

First it will look like you will have to get a breakout cable from the dsub type connector on the back of the digi pre, and then breakout to like 8 1/4 in's to go to the line inputs on the back of the digi 002r... You can still use the 4 mic pre's on the digi 002, but not in tandem with the 4 channels of the digi pre plugged into the first 4 channels.. as you would have to switch between mic or line. Did you already get this pre? cuase if not, this may not be the best 8 channel pre for your setup. There are other multichannel pre's that come with ADAT out, alowing you to use the adat port on the back of your digi 002, and still leave open the 4 mic pres and 4 lines in, so you can now maximize your input capacity to 16 channelss (18 including the spdif). did this totally confuse you? if so, let me know and I will try to re-explain better.....
October 17, 2005 @02:23pm

No i havent bought it. What other preamps are good ones that have the ADAT out? Id like to get someting that i could someday use in a protools HD setup but in the meantime with a digi 002.
October 17, 2005 @07:35pm

Presonus has the Digimax that can run at 96k... Focusrite has the ISA 428, but you need to purchase the optional digital card for that one... Not sure what else is out there off the top of my head... are you looking for just more pre's, or just good pre's? I would maybe look into other pre's with your current set up,, it may not be the best for how the digi 002 is laid out. I also have a digi 002 r, and like it much. I use the Focusrite 428 with the digital card, and like it much... Leaves more open channels for other connections on the rack If I need them...
October 19, 2005 @07:41pm

you should check oput the Focustrite ISA 428 if you have the money, it is well worth it plus you can get the card and have better converters, it will bumpo you quality way up
October 21, 2005 @11:16pm