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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Someone help....just started with the m-box


I've been waiting for my' first real music studio to happen for years. I bought a novation remote 25, the M-box factory bundle and a creation station tower plus with an additional gig of ram.
I'm using my' new computer to post this.
I've managed to set everything up and it's working. I'm just seriously swamped with overload. I haven't got a clue how to understand my' set-up... I'm new to this.
Until now I haven't done better than a sub-par computer and a shoddy copy of fruityloops.
I don't have a particular question to ask as there are so many... Wait...let me try one: How do I get started writing music using pro-tools rewired with both ableton live le and reason adapted?
October 4, 2005 @05:17am

<a href="http://akmedia.digidesign.com/diskflix/Reason_&_Rewire.wmv">Using Rewire to link Pro Tools and Reason</a>
October 4, 2005 @03:26pm

October 4, 2005 @03:27pm