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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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PCs VS Mac


I have a question about the differences between PC's and MAC's in the recording world... I know that Macs have been the traditional computer of choice for studios and home recording, but is that because traditionally all of the software was made for just Macs, or is there really a difference in the recording quality? Hypothetically, if you have all the same hardware (mics, preamps, processors, digital inputs)and software (EG ProTools LE or Cubase, etc), and record the same song onto each a PC and a Mac, would you be able to tell a difference, or is the difference just in the GUI (grapical user interface)?
Tim Turner
October 1, 2005 @06:29pm

There should not be a difference in quality. Both platforms operate under the same principles with regards to recording and related DSP. There are all sorts of arguments (most of them I think, overrated) about which recording software "sounds" better, but I think it's kind of a non-starter. Any person with adequate talent recording great music with any of this software, regardless of platform, should be able to make great music. If the record sucks, the software is probably not to blame for that.
PC or Mac? Whichever suits you better. I'm a pretty die-hard Mac guy at this point, but either one will get the job done fine. The traditional arguments are that PC's are less expensive for a given capability, and Macs are less intrusive and easier to configure, and come almost ready to go out of the box. I'd say both those sets of arguments are true. Whichever one of them is more important and convincing is up to you.
But, all things being equal, one does not "sound" better than the other. The responsibility for that lies in many other places.
October 1, 2005 @07:25pm

pc's have toomany issues with instability. confusingtowork around. i guess im a sucker for the drag and drop lol
October 3, 2005 @09:54pm

PC's jsut require a little more knowledge to get running properly. There is no instability inherent in a PC setup at all. There is merely user error and/or ignorance.
The way Michael described things is very accurate in my opinion. It was also very "PC" as far as giving an answer that really does not propogate yet another war between Mac and PC users. Good job Michael:)
October 3, 2005 @10:42pm

go with the platform you know best, is what I would recommend. Don't use your DAW for much, if anything, else. That alone will help maintain platform stability over the long haul.
October 4, 2005 @12:38am

when you get down to it,it's the music you are recording . stevie wonder would still so great recorded with a boom box.mac or pc ? do some homework research the platforms you might want to then make your decision either platform will work just fine.:)
October 13, 2005 @01:27am