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mac to windows


Hello ALL!
I recorded this past weekend on a pro tools 6.9.1 TDM system on a mac and am curious if I can open up my files on a 6.4 LE system run on windows XP. After I saved the files on the mac I burnt a data disc to dvd. When I got to my LE system and tried to open them up it said I didnt have a valid pro tools file. Any help would be appreciated!
September 26, 2005 @02:12pm

You should check enforce PC compatibility when you create the session on the Mac. Also, it's generally hard to get projects (for most any software) created in a newer version to open in an older version of the software. Not sure if that's related to your problem in this case, but it's worth investigating. There are workarounds.
September 26, 2005 @04:26pm

thanks for the reply
Since I have already created the project on the mac can I check the pc compatiblity button and resave or is their another way to get around it. I could also upgrade to 6.9 and see if that works. I have been meaning to do that anyway.
thanks for the help
September 26, 2005 @04:48pm
David Klausner

I don't think you can check that box after the fact, but you can probably create a new session with that box checked, and import all the session data and files into the new session. Sessions from 6.9 should import fine into 6.4 (I think they'll go back to 5.1 or 5.3).
September 26, 2005 @06:49pm

thanks to all who replied! I will give it a shot.
September 26, 2005 @06:52pm