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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Unsure What To Buy


I am in the process of purchasing a stand alone all in one unit. My budget will just cover the vs-2400, but not much else at this time. I have a few pieces now, and I will probably spring for some monitors when I buy. My question is, whay should I buy. It has been a while since I have upgraded although I have had limited experiences with a few DAW's in recent years, I am relatively new to the game. Should I buy big, and work my way up, or go cheaper, and upgrade later. Also, I think the flying faders are great, but are they worth the extra cost. The monitor out (and free monitor) is also nice, but again worth the cost? I could get a nice little 16 track for about a grand without all of the features. Sorry so long and rambling. Thanks in advance.
September 19, 2005 @02:31am

Looks like a lot of readers for you so far, but no responders...
Possibly the reason is the lack of real definition to your questions. If your budget will cover the VS2400 and nothing else, then you have a challenge, in that you need monitors, etc. If you need to connect any external units and possibly a sub, you will need a controller like the Big Knob or C-Control. If any of the above needs are reality for you, you will need to save a few dollars for the afore-mentioned gear, and goodbye, VS2400. If you have a budget that allows for the VS2400 plus the other gear, then the situation is different...In the VS2400 price range, you may wish to look at the new Yamaha AW2400. I have not used the unit, but my studio is based around two of the older siblings, AW2816s...I am fully conversant with the Yamaha operating protocol, and it is a winner...If track number is important to you, Korg has a new D3200 which gives 32 channels at under $1500.
I do not use the moving fader technology in my units unless the mix is relatively complex. It works just fine. However, setting it up takes time. If you need REPEATABLE mixes, then the option is very desirable...It is definitely 'worth the money'.
If you do not need 24 tracks, and do not think that you will need them, then certainly do not spend the money for 24 tracks. As you have noted, there are a number of very fine 16 track units on the market.
Ensure that in your comparisons you are equating apples with apples. Some of the stand-alones contain an amazing amount of bells and whistles - toys - that add cost, and you may never need those capabilities. I do not like my control surface cluttered with sample pads, rhythm machine controls, pseudo-soft synth controls, etc. Others do. You may be one of them...
Ensure you have a solid unit backed-up by a company that understands the meaning of 'customer assistance.' These stand-alones vary greatly in their durability. Check on the history of your chosen unit and company before purchasing. Self-noise of these units also varies a lot. Some cannot ever be used in the room in which the recording is being made. Others are quiet enough to be totally non-obtrusive...
If you have any direct questions, I will attempt to answer them.
Good luck in your choice.
September 21, 2005 @04:13pm