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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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having problems wiring in pickup!


hey... i was screwing around with one of my guitars and i've kind of gotten stuck. can someone please help me out with this. what i'm trying to do is wire an emg pickup (not exactly sure what model, but it's one of the active ones that requires a 9 volt battery) straight to the input jack. basically, i just want to plug in straight to the pickup, no volume, tone, or midboost. how would i do this. the pickup itself has 5 wires coming out of it - a red and white twisted together, a green, a black, and one that's unshielded. can someone help me out with doing this. do i have to wire in an attachment for the 9volt battery? please help, otherwise this guitar is pretty much dead. thanks.
January 19, 2002 @07:52am
Jurgan Mueller

Wiring probs? Active wiring probs?
Take a peek at (wowwowwow.stewmac.com) and click on the side bar "Free Instruction Sheets" or something like that. There are a number of wiring sheets available there.
Go up to the company's web site who made the pick ups and see what they have online there. EMG usually has wiring diagrams etc...
You probably need to replace the jack input on your ax with a stereo jack input... that way when you unplug - the circuit is cut and the batt doesn't die off.
I'm not sure... but wiring direct to an active pick up (EMG ) may NOT be an option. There is circuitry involved (usually inside the pick up) a chip or something with helps emulate the tone etc... which the company designed into the "circuit" (i.e. active electronic pickup). Check out the EMG website or call to confirm.
(Check this out because I am not totally positive) You may be better off going to a Dimarrzio or a passive high output.... and wiring direct. Any additional signal boost can be accomplished at the pre-stage or post-stage of you amp.
other than that... good luck. Check out some smaller guitar repair people in your area... call them up and ask them some questions and if possible get some references (if you REALLY need to).
Ask around at your local music stores who they recommend for electrical work.
Good Luck!
February 5, 2002 @02:18pm

I can probably help you with this problem if you haven't already fixed it. It sounds like you have an EMG 89 which is a Humbucker with a selectable single coil tap. It's a killer pickup I put one in one of my guitars. If you havn't fixed the problem yet I will walk you through what you need and how to do it You have several options with this pickup.
April 11, 2002 @04:02am