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Help! with Yamaha AW1600 and AW16G


I am very new to producing music, and a little wet behind the ears. Everything I have done up to this point has been self taught, through reading manuals and trial and error. This is the first attempt to contact an outside source for help, so bare with me if I sound ignorant. I have had a Yamaha AW16G for 2 years now, (only REALLY been using it about a year)I understand the basics of how to use it, WWW.MADEMUSIC517.COM has some samples of an album I produced using it. I have just recently purchased the updated version (Yamaha AW1600). My question I have is, Say I am recording with my 16G, I use up all 16 tracks, can I run cables either through the Monitor or Stereo OUT into the 1600, and now have 14 more tracks to keep recording on the 1600? I have tried this a little and I seem to get quite a bit of feed back. Does the quality diminish through the recording? Should I use the Stereo or Monitor OUTS? To be honest I don't even know the difference. Any help or tricks with these machines would be very appreciated. Thanks.
September 14, 2005 @02:29pm

The older, bigger brothers to the 16g will allow cascading. I don't think the 16 series will. However, if machine control is not important, either the old or new 16 series DAW should allow you to feed either the monitor (preferred) or stereo out of unit one (16 tracks already recorded) into any two of the line inputs of unit two. Unless I am missing something, the problem will be to keep unit two in sync with unit one upon playback, as there is no MIDI chasing going on between the units.
One methodology that would work would be to mix down all material from unit one onto channels one and two - or more channels, if needed - of unit two, and then use the remaining channels of unit two to record new material. If pre-recording planning is done, and the actual recording is done very carefully, a fine product can result.
If part of this bouncing and sub-mixing will be done in the analog domain, there could be a slight degradation of signal, but it should be negligible. You will also gain the use of more effect possibilities...
Should be an interesting experiment.
Be well.
September 14, 2005 @07:46pm

Indeed it will be interesting. I really hope it works, that was the only reason I bought the new AW1600. If I would have known I couldn't do it, I would have saved up money and just bought a 24 track. But it's my own fault for not researching. Oh well, live and learn. I guess you can never have too much equipment. Thanks a lot for your help.
Quick questions: How well do you know these machines? Have you used them before? Is there something else I should be using? The aw16g is the first and only recorder I have ever used.
I know I have not even come close to using these machines to their full potential. I record rap music, so it's farely simple what I have been doing. I track my beats to 2 channels, I do all my effects and tweaking sounds and levels from my beat machine (I dont use the AW16 for effects or sound levels with my beats). Then I start recording main vocals, and back ups. At first only having 16 tracks was no problem (2 tracks for the beat, about 3 tracks for the vocals on the verses, and about 3 tracks for the chorus vocals). But now I have been getting a lot more creative with the vocal recording, doing several back ups and other backround vocals, and I'm starting to run out of tracks, thus the reason for needing another machine to run together with my old one. Like I said I taught my self this method. Is it a normal method? Should or Could I be doing something better? I told you I might sound ignorant, LOL.
September 15, 2005 @03:12pm

I do not know a lot about the AW1600 or AW16g. My studio is built around older AW2816's, cascaded for 32 channels. While the overall sonic signature is the same as yours, as are basic operating system parameters, my units have a few operational features not found on the 16 series. However, that said, the 16 series can create sonically identical recordings to the AW2816 or AW4416.
If you are not taking advantage of the compressors and EQ available on all channels of your recorders, you should begin. Your beats and vocals will take on new life using either the internal programs or your own edited versions of same.
It would also be an interesting experiment to track some beats and vocals, copy the tracks to open tracks, and slip the copied tracks 10+ ms or so. When mixed and panned wide with the original tracks, the whole sound stage will open up and sound much larger...
One thought: I am assuming you cannot cascade your two units, but I do not know that for sure. You might wish to check your owner's manual. This would provide machine control of both recorders from only one of the units, and would allow you 32 full channels, that will run in sync. Even if your units will not allow internal cascading, there may be a way to do it using external clocking. You may wish to check with Yamaha.
I wish I could help you with technical issues concerning the recording of rap, but my knowledge base in that kind of music is very low.
Be well.
September 15, 2005 @04:41pm

Thanks so much for your help. I wish I would have known a place like this exsisted about 2 yrs ago. It would have sped up my learnig process, and maybe it wouln't have taken me a year to actually figure how to turn my equipment on, LOL. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.
September 15, 2005 @07:56pm