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Elemental Audio Does it Again (Inspector XL)


IMO, these guys just go from strength to strength. AND they listen to their customers.
For those of you looking for a thorough set of analyis tools on your DAW, check out Elemental Audio's InspectorXL
For those of us already using their free Inspector plugin, this thing is a HUGE increase in functionality.
August 17, 2005 @11:38pm
Joseph Hanna

Yea what a fantastic looking piece of software. But......it's Pro Tools RTAS only rendering the metering portion completely useless for TDM rigs.
I was really thinking this might be the software metering solution so badly needed in Pro Tools TDM.
August 19, 2005 @03:44am

Joseph - hang on. ProTools 7 will support RTAS plugins on the Master Fader on HD systems. Wait for the announcement later this week.
October 4, 2005 @03:37am
Joseph Hanna

Metering is such a key component in the mixing process. I'm fortunate to be paid to use my ears but in some cases the meter sheds light on a problems otherwise easily missed. Some what like a pilot learning to trust his instincts as well as his instruments. (sorry...new pilot).
It's curious no one has gone down this path earlier.
If Pro Tools 7 supports RTAS on Master Tracks this will be my first purchase.
October 4, 2005 @04:02am
Dave Burris

I've purchase this to use with Cubase and use it a lot. I would highly recommend it.
October 4, 2005 @12:19pm

i have to agree--i love this pack. the meters are especially great.
October 4, 2005 @02:43pm

I bought it for $29 the day I got the email from Elemental Audio. Unfortunately, my RTAS system is with my son at college. I have Waves' PAZ at the radio station studio - but the meters don't come close to these - even the old Inspector (freebie).
I'll be going PT 7 as soon as I can get my mitts on it. Gonna convert to K-System
October 5, 2005 @05:01am