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midi pichup


Does anyone know what kind of results you would get by attaching a midi pickup to a nylon string acoustic guitar and running it through a Roland GR30?
I would ultimately like to get a Godin nylon guitar but right now that is not possible. I'd appreciate any feedback on this question.
December 30, 2001 @06:09pm
Jim Wintringham

From comments I have seen in other forums (no personal expierence), the problem with the pick-ups is in the delay . they are hard to use to play along with other tracks. The best cheap way to build midi is with a music keyboard ( some at around $100). There are also great sounding Guitar chords/leads that can be built in a program called 'Band in A box'.you can build songs from chord patterns, import complete midi files...extract chords and melodys....and rebuild the song in a different 'style'.You can also enter melody lines in real time thru your computer keyboard ( sort of a musical....you cann't play any bad notes....keyboard). The guitar sounds can be controled down to the direction of the stroke when chording, using the 'micro editer' feature. They have free evaluation downloads of their product at www.pgmusic.com
Hope this helps ....... IF you still want to go with MIDI guitar, try to get somthing on trial, so you can know for sure it will do what you want.
December 31, 2001 @03:58am

I found you MUST pick every note with the same attack if you want to get half the results you're after. The technology aint there yet. They got a ways to go. It's about as good as speech regognition on a PC.
February 18, 2002 @04:55am

you should have no problem using the Godin with the Gr-30 or 33. You can't use a gk2 midi pickup. You'll have use a piezo type(RMC).Triggering the enternal sounds should be fine. It might be a little slow "midi out"
Axon has the best convertor on the market . A little harder to work with and setup but once you have it going you shoud be fine . You will have practice with the sythn and pay attention to the picking. Don't expect to plug in and play pefectly the first time. check out the "Midi -guitar"egroup@ yahoo groups. Lot of info and feedback there.
Godd luck.
February 24, 2002 @04:30pm