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O.K. If I reset the Cuda Chip, will I wipe everything off my H.D.'s ?


This is great ! Thanks to all for responding to "Why do computers "crash"/freeze so unpredictaby ?"
If I reset the cuda chip on the motherboard what will happen ? Will this wipe out all data on my HD's ?
Also, how can I tell if the RAM in my computer is buffered vs. unbuffered ?(Now that it's already bought and installed. Oh ya ! I'm good.)
July 14, 2001 @03:01am

What's a CUDA chip? If this is on another posting, let me know and I'll dig around there.
July 26, 2001 @05:34pm

DigitalBrad :
The Cuda is a microcontroller chip on the Power Macintosh G4 (PCI Graphics) logic board. This is straight from Apples web site.
Supposedly if you are having constant problems you should reset this thing.
I did it. Nothing gets wiped off any of the hard drives.
In my constant quest for a "freezless" Cubase, I am trying everything.
July 26, 2001 @07:42pm