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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Distorted Bass?


Hi all, I'm thinking of recording some distorted bass to a metal song my band is doing to maybe thicken things up a bit. Any suggestions on recording distorted bass, compressing it, what mics would work best for it, or if it is really necessary in the first place? Any comments would be greatly appreciated thanks!
December 14, 2001 @06:14pm

For killer Bass distortion at low cost to you, try a Samson DI (for bass). You can get quite a few different sounds out of it. Tweek just a little and it just really fattens up the tone. A lttle more on the gain gives more of a "Tool" type of distortion. Or just crank the hell out of it if thats what you're looking for. Mine kind of died after years of abuse, I wouldn't mind getting another one just to have though. I also have an ampeg, two channel, tube preamp, which gets GREAT distortion! I forget the model number of the top of my head, but it's the Billy Shehan rackmountable unit.
February 9, 2002 @01:21am