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Which drum machine is best for r&b?


Hello all? Which drum machine would you recommend for R&B tracks. Basically, I'm looking for professional quality, affordable and easy to use. Thanks in advance!
December 7, 2001 @10:15pm

The Akai MPC2000 - while not exactly a drum machine - is probably the most popular for R&B. The Roland DR770 is very nice for all styles of music
December 19, 2001 @03:35pm

Hey thanks man... Actually after posting this thread i got in touch with one of your sales engineers by the name of Eric Rodrigue... He's very helpful. We went through a bunch of samplers that would benefit me and my situation. Basically i was looking for something new to sort of grasp the idea of sampling before i went all out. So we came up with the sp505 (the 202 and 303 seem like toys in my opinion, enlighten me if i'm wrong please! Looking to save money anytime) from Roland (well, BOSS). While i agree that the mpc2000 is the most popular and probably the best it seems like at the price for 505 it basically has everything i need (for now) to go along with my sketchpad. Basically, i'm not gonna be doing any recording at home as of now. All I've got right now is a Tascam 564 md 4track recorder and a fairly nice computer with cubase (just now started building my studio). I just basically wanna be able to do some writing and learning at this point. Got some projects i need to get goin' and i think with these 2 peices of gear, a shure 58 and my computer i can get my ideas down when they hit me and from there get them to the studio and build the rest of the track there with some pro studio musicians. If you've got any other suggestions for beginner samplers with nice features on them let me know. I just didn't wanna jump into a sampler like the akai mpc 2000 and find out that sampling ain't my thing. I'll be purchasing a sampler after christmas so any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!
December 19, 2001 @03:56pm

sounds like you've got a great start. sp505 is a great piece, I could see how it would come in very handy. I can't say alot of things compete with it as a sampler/workstation.
I'm sure you'll be very happy with it.
let us know how if goes once you get it (from Sweetwater hopefully):D
December 28, 2001 @12:28am

What exactly is the sp505? What features does it have?
Thanks in advance
September 24, 2002 @07:53am

a sampling workstation. It allows you to sample audio and arrange it into a musical production (of almost any sort).
September 24, 2002 @02:37pm

get a mpc2000, it reads wav files(native pc format) and you can get kits for every drum machine ever made online for free (i did) you are going to eventually move UP to a mpc (2,3,or 4000) you might as well buy a used 2000 (not even an xl) its really cheap to find and it will work wonders for you.
starting with semi peices will only frustrate you and stifle your creativity
all the available drum machines are samples of old drum machines and (supposed to be) live kits...get a sampling drum machine like the mpc and your set....
by the way R&B drums are mostly drum samples from old records, some drum machine samples..but no one in urban music (on a professional level) uses a drum machine for drum sounds..they use drum machine samples
October 31, 2002 @07:28pm

Actually a lot of producers in R&B and hip hop use drum machines. i know for a fact that dallas austin and jermaine dupri both use the roland mc-505. and Im sure they arent the only ones. and its even more prevelant in other dance music genres.
the MPC is a great tool tho!
where did you get free drum samples from online?
November 30, 2002 @02:46pm