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Are xcort guitars good?


My friend has one he says its good but he does not know a hole lot about guitars is xcorts that good plmk thanks.
November 25, 2004 @03:49pm

I have an xcort guitar. It has double humbuckers. it plays really easy, and is in good condition. So yes they are good guitars.
January 5, 2006 @09:37pm

i have an Xcort X-2 and i assure you it is one of the best guitars i've ever played, i know i'm not even 15 yet, but i've been playing guitar sinse i was 5 years old. Playing my xcort is so simple, the bodys made of bass wood, i have harmonics all the way up the fret board, the frets are thicker than usual metal frets so i dont have to press really hard when im doing arpegios and playing really fast solos. I have 2 joined double humbuckers, and a rosewood neck. imo it's like a jackson and an ibanez put together. Xcorts are pro
October 7, 2006 @03:57am

Can you tell me what amps and accesories you guys have bought with the guitar? I have bought xcort X2-SA.. And a Marshall amp . Sound is good.
August 8, 2009 @07:28am