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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Advice on Synth/Keyboard


I currently own a K2500X, Kurzweil Mark 150 and a Technics 6000. I have been looking for a keyboard to complement my home studio and also something I could use when playing with church contemporary band - looking for lightweight/portability). 61 or 76 keys would suffice. I compose and record new age type music, arrangements of church music (hymns, contemporary, etc). I have played the Karma (intrigued by the Karma features).
I would welcome any suggestions of some boards I should explore in addition to the Karma.
December 1, 2001 @11:53pm

If you're looking for a board to stimulate your creativity for songwriting, or just for wacky self-accompanied live stuff, the Karma is a unique and interesting possibility.
If you're looking for the kinds of sounds on the Karma, but want more traditional workstation layout (sequencer, touch screen, etc), look at the Korg Triton, which also happens to be available with 76 keys.
I use a Triton Pro-X (88 keys) with the Piano/Keyboards expansion board for many of the same things you do (writing, church, etc), and it works well. It actually replaced my K2500x and a rack of MIDI modules for live work, as that setup was too heavy and complex for what I wanted in a live setup (simplicity and easier load-in/out). And the Triton is a powerful scratch pad for songwriting and arranging.
Depending on your particular taste in sounds, you may also want to look at the Roland Fantom, which seems to be Roland's response to the Triton, with all those great JV/XV-series sounds.
December 4, 2001 @04:24pm

I think the Korg (Triton or Karma) makes a good combination with the Kurz sounds you have. The Korgs are a little more "aggressive" out of the box, which may go well for the type of music you describe. But not all Kurzweil users like the Korg's, probably for the same reason. It can be a stark contrast from what you have.
December 7, 2001 @09:04pm

check out the novation supernova. it will definately inspire you.
December 11, 2001 @01:15am