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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.



I think that the MC505 is one of the better Groove boxes that is out there in the market because it allows you to be very expressive with your music. Let me know what your opinions are.
July 10, 2001 @06:34pm

Nitelite is right!
Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it: *ba dum, crash*........
I am also a fellow percussionist/ drummer and have had extensive experience using and abusing the 505. The best part about that particular piece (so as is in my opinion) is the excellent MegaMix feature which allows you to blend different sounds between patterns. For example, if you -really- like the bass line from a certain pattern, but you -really- dig the drum part from another, the MC505 allows you to take that specific bass line and impliment it into the pattern that has the drum part that you are particularly fond of. A very cool feature that will benifit you by letting you be the most creative that you can be with the unit in creating patterns just short of writing the actual parts themselves!
Also, with all of the realtime effects that you can add to the parts or patterns, you have an enormous amount of flexibility in creating the style and exact sound that you are looking for. Bonus!
Contact me if you would like to hear some of the work that I've done with the Roland MC505!
July 12, 2001 @04:54pm

I totally agree with cuzinit. This machine is a DJs dream come true. One of the functions that I find very useful is the D-Beam. This gives the DJ/Remixer the ability to use the groovebox in conjunction with turntables or other music making gear and affect the audios tempo, frequencies and also allows them the ability to add ad lib parts. I also like the fact that the 505 has MIDI in and out so that it can be the master to control other sequencers or it can be a slave and follow the sequencer. If there is a special way that you use your 505 let us know what it is.
July 13, 2001 @10:00pm

yeah i bought a 505 in july because I wanted one since it came out a few years ago. then a producer friend of mine recomended it to me. so now i have it and it pretty much just sits on the omnirax. I mean its by no means a less than adequate machine but it doesnt do too much for me. i particularly like the 808 and 909 kits it offers and thats the main reason its still in the studio. also i like the realtime effects. my first drum machine was a dr-202 and i've had experience with other roland/boss products so the realtime knobs and effects were familiar. the soudn quality doesnt seem to be the greates either. Im not the most qualified person to critique the 505 but thats kinda my 2 cents. what I wanna know is what are the 505's stronger points and what do you think is unique about it.
I wanna hear some of what you put down on the 505 if you dont mind.
November 24, 2001 @01:27am