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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Battery operated pre-amp/mixer


About a couple of months ago I found a website that sold a battery operated pre/mixer that allowed 2 or 3 mikes to be mixed downed to 1 channel. This was mainly used for camcorders but could easily be used for minidisc. I have lost this website and hoping that someone might know what I'm talking about. The price if I remember correctly was around $200-$300. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Classicman
July 14, 2004 @10:48pm

Hey you could try the bheringer 5 chanle mixer that runs off a 9 vlt batery. Here is the link-
July 15, 2004 @03:46pm

Thanks for the info. I have this one and the one I'm looking for is actually smaller. It has only three xlr connections that terminate to one stereo out. Thanks again.
July 15, 2004 @03:51pm

I know if it is made for camcorders and such you can try Markertek (markertek.com) or Broadcast Supply Warehouse (bswusa.com). They have the ones that go on cameras.
July 15, 2004 @05:42pm

These still aren't the ones that I saw before. I appreciate the help I'm getting so far. The ones that I saw before you could mix both xlr and 1/8 mini cables at the same time to either stereo or mono. Thanks again, classicman
July 15, 2004 @10:48pm

Try looking at BSW or markertek. you can do a live online Chat with a markertek sales guy. BSW has alot of those kinds of mixers. All I want to tell you is look again.
July 16, 2004 @03:10am

Thanks everyone, have been looking at all suggestions. None of these are what I saw before but they will work,
July 17, 2004 @07:11pm