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Small mixer with effects


Hi all. I'm new to all of this, so I'm looking for some advice.
I'm after a small mixer - maybe 8-12 channels - probably with a built in FX unit - that's portable enough to take with me overseas. I'm not going to be doing any serious recording with it, but certainly a bit and perhaps some live work (just me, so no need for heaps of channels).
I've been looking around and it seems there are choices from Alesis, Alto, Behringer, Mackie and a few others.
One of the sales guys told me that Alto boards have really good mic pre-amps, but I've also read some message boards that say that Alto rubbish.
Any thoughts on what's worth getting up to about $250€? Are the built in effects good enough for simple live work?
June 18, 2004 @09:06pm

Mackie and Alesis OK.
Do yourself a favor and don't buy Behringer.
June 19, 2004 @05:30am

Of what you listed, I would go with the MAckie. For a tiny bit more however I would get an Allen Heath Mixwiz. More features, and in my opinion better sounding preamps and EQ.
June 19, 2004 @03:49pm

I saw a sound craft ghost 24 on ebay for $1400.
this has kick ass eq's
June 19, 2004 @11:40pm

The Ghost is a great mixer (especially the EQ's), but it's not exactly small and doesn't have any built-in effects. If you're looking for something similar, though, you may want to look at their Folio FX8.
June 21, 2004 @02:48pm

oops Sorry I just got a bit carried away.
June 21, 2004 @07:14pm