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Random Generated Set List


just downloaded setmaker and have not used yet but from the documentation ive read it does not seem like a random set can be generated.
i have been interested in finding a program like setmaker that will also allow you to choose a number of general rules (no 2 slow songs in arow, etc) and then have the program apply your rules to the database and generate a random list.
there are several mp3 applications that allow you to rate a song which will dictate its frequency of appearance in randomlly generated lists.
Does anyone know if this is this something that may be available in setmaker in the future or do you know of any programs out there that may be similar in functionality?
June 13, 2004 @08:35pm

You might want to check out Itunes www.apple.com/itunes Its a great program for windows or Mac that is very customizable. Rate your songs, organize them by various custom labels (slow, fast, etc.) Randomly create playlists... Itunes even has a new function called Shuffle that allows you to create a playlist in real time that is automatically faded from one song to the next (I.E. crossfades similar to a DJ would do automatically)
I routinely use Itunes to do weddings and it hasn't let me down yet ;)
Best of Luck,
Scott Demarko
June 21, 2004 @09:38pm