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volume pedal


anyone use a volume pedal here? I don't gig or anything so I'm not looking for the highest-tech thing on the market. I own a Korg Triton LE, can anyone give me any suggestions?
May 25, 2004 @08:53pm

May 25, 2004 @09:01pm

any other reccomendations? What are the 4 imput jacks for?
June 9, 2004 @11:20pm
Dave Hammond

I'm an old "sit down" keyboard player. One thing I notice is I need the pedal to travel more in the heel-down direction.
I'm not familiar with your particular KB, so I'll talk in general terms. Some volume pedals will adjust the midi volume directly (and may be proprietary for the particular KB). I have a Hammond XB2 and have a pedal of this nature to use with it. I also got a Behringer FCB1010 that incidentally has this capability. I need to devote sometime to utilize this pedal board.
There are also keyboards that have (somewhat proprietary) volume jacks that are typically a stereo or mono 1/4" jack. This will adjust the internal output of the board up and down. I have these jacks on my PC-88 keyboard, but I haven't typically been using them.
If these options are exhausted, you are left using a guitar pedal type "signal out to amplifier" pedal. I have several of these that are so old you won't be able to get any help from the Sweetwater sales. I use an old Fender, Ernie Ball, and classic chrome Morley Pedal. My Fender was a fuzz-wah-volume pedal that was returned to the local music store under waranty. The salesman asked me if I wanted it for a pittance so I took it and removed everthing that had to do with a fuzz-wah and just got a cheap volume pedal. I've been using it since around 1970. When I use it sitting down, the travel isn't right for me, so a carry a chunk of wood that I place under the front end to jack it up.
The Morley is an old volume-boost-wah pedal. I mainly use it for volume, but I used to run into a pre-amp for my Leslie and would wind up using the boost to try to stay up with the DAMN LOUD GUITAR PLAYERS. Occasionally I would briefly acidentally turn on the wah by mistake. I like the Morley a lot for use as a keyboard pedal.
I can't exactly remember how I came upon the Ernie Ball, and its not in good shape. I use it more for an on-off switch, which is unfair. I think the travel would be real good for a stand-up player.
The Sweetwater recommendation is a good looking pedal that I've never tried. Be sure you like the "travel" for playing keyboards. The 4 connectors are described in the ad as being for a stereo pedal, so there are two channels in and two channels out. That can be useful and at least hurts nothing. I especially like having the jacks off the end. The collection of old pedals I use have jacks out one or both sides. This makes it difficult to position multiple adjacent volume, sustain, and switch pedals, which should be avoided by keyboard players (and probably guitar players, as well).
That's what I think about volume pedals!
June 28, 2004 @06:35am

berhinger makes a cheap stereo pedal that was copied from yamaha...i bought two, used them successfully.with batteries--ac adapters creates hum in the signal--them i found a yamaha mx 80 keyboard mixer that has a vca volume input for all the channels........i luvvvvvv this unit !--hard to find so i bought 2..have eight stereo keyboard channles, 1 volume pedal...no noise, xlr outs absolutley silent and clean !
February 11, 2012 @01:23pm