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Help: Boss DR-880 & Drum Machine Newbie


I bought a Boss DR-880 to use live in our church and want to know how to hopefully be able to do a few specific things with this machine.
The first is add a fill while a song is going on. So for instance, I have a pattern programmed and it is playing. I want to be able to push a button or use a foot pedal or something to tell the machine to play that fill on the upcoming bar. I'm sure I could set a pattern to do this at specified times, but that won't always work in a live situation. I want to have control on the fly over when the fill is used. I also ran across some per-recorded intros and endings. Can these be incorporated in the same manner...or how do I utilize these exactly?
The second is switching between a rim shot and a snare shot. Is there a way in the same manner above that I can have a rim shot being used in verses and then press a button or something and have the machine switch off to a snare shot for choruses?
A third feature I will almost never use, but just in case, is switching between different beats or tempos within a song. Maybe there is a situation in which I need a slower beat for one part of a song and want to transition into a totally different beat for the other half of a song. What's the easiest way to do this on the fly live?
Sorry if these are really simple things to do. I am completely new to using drum machines as I'm always used to actually playing a real kit, but in this case I am always on keyboards and, well, can't play several instruments at once. Keep in mind that I want to be able to perform the above actions on the fly on a basis when I want them to happen, not set in stone before hand. If anyone has any tips and tricks for using this thing live in a similar instance please feel free to share.
August 31, 2014 @09:14pm
Joe Muscara

I have a DR-770 and I am assuming the 880 is similar. I haven't used it much over the past few years so I hope that I'm remembering this correctly.
The 770 had patterns and variations. I know I could get it to play the variation at the next bar and switch it back at the end of the variation by simply selecting it. The 770 had Direct Pattern Play (DPP) where you can assign patterns to different pads. If the 880 has this you could use that. I think these methods would solve both your first and second questions if the 880 does them.
I don't think the tempo on the 770 could be changed easily, it's just whatever the Tempo knob is set at. However, if the tempos you want to use are multiples of each other, you could fake that with some tricky programming of the two patterns.
September 1, 2014 @12:38pm