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Husband and wife in need of assistance with recording studio set up


Greetings, my wife and I are in the process of building a recording studio and we currently have the shell of an old recording studio that has 32 XLR's built into a recording room with wires running into an adjacent room (control room). However, the xlr cables going into the control room do not have male or female xlr ends, it's just exposed unlabeled wiring coming out of a central location in the wall.
We currently have not narrowed down what interface we want but we know we want a pro tools set up and have about a $5000 budget. Our goal is to record violinists, a piano and vocalists in the adjacent room (at least 8 - 10) active XLR's that would feed into the control room and into pro tools.
Computer: We are running an imac 27in (late 2013) model with mavericks. We have not installed any software on it and want to make sure that all of the hardware is in place before we start doing installs.
Controllers: We are using an Avid Artist Mix (2) and Avid Transport for control and mixing capability.
We have not decided on which pro tools system would be best for us and would like to continue researching before making a substantial purchase.
Any help, input or guidance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Best - Johnny
August 29, 2014 @01:07pm
Rusty Trombone

Having some XLR cable running into the next room is great, but the least of your worries.
Do some of research on what it is your trying to do. Talk to local people, visit some other studios and look around.
I guess it depends a lot on what your doing it for. Is this a hobby?
$5000 is a snack if your looking to buy a meal.
August 30, 2014 @03:10pm