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Please help!! Audio Interface with $1000 budget


Hi, I've used Roland UA-1000 as my main audio interface.
But it is too old and driver never updated. So I've decided to change mine with $1000 budget.
I've read some review but I can't really decide it.
My operating system is Mac Os X 10.8 and I use Pro Tools 11.
I am not planning to run my system on Windows yet.
I do vocal recording, guitar, and MIDI. I need something that produces professional sound. (technically)
I only need 2~4 i/o and prefer 2 headphone output or multiple outputs so that I can use headphone amp.
I was thinking getting from these products which are
1) RME Babyface
2) Apogee Duet 2
3) Apollo Twin
4) Audient iD22
Please give me some advice. I am very cautious because it is not small amount of money!! Thanks!!
May 12, 2014 @09:59am

I would find an Alesis HD24XR and have then have Jim Williams mod it, you'll have 12 channels that sound better than a radar system for under 2k
August 6, 2014 @04:30pm