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For Sale: CDJ-400


I don't know if this is allowed or not. Sorry in advance!
I bought a CDJ-400 back in 2009 when they were fresh on the market. I bought it from Guitar Center, but I never had the money to get the second one or a good enough mixer. It sat in the box since then. I plugged it in twice just to not get depressed, but I still have it and would like to either trade or sell it. I've wanted to DJ now for 10 years and have never managed to get the funds together to get going and the CDJ-400 just sits there. I am asking $350 for it simply because it was never actually used.
I did however misplace the original RCA cables, but I have replaced them. If this is an allowed post, I will post pictures later. :)
I'm really looking for a NI S2 MkI. Hopefully someone can help me with my dream here.
Many Thanks,
Jon (a.k.a Kairo)
If you want to criticize the post or price, go for it, but I really want to do this, and I would like to find someone who'll actually use the thing instead of it sitting in a box.
May 10, 2014 @09:20pm