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PT5.1 question...


PT version 5.1 supposedly had the ability to have multiple plug-in windows open at one time. I haven't upgraded my system yet, but I was working on another system that had 5.1.1 in it today and I couldn't get it to happen. What gives?
July 8, 2001 @07:29am

Each plugin (and other floating windows) has a "target" button that looks like a bull's eye. By defualt the target is active and is highlighted in red. When the "target" is highlighted or active, all plug-ins will pop up in that location. By clicking on the "target" and turning it grey to disable it, the next plugin you select will popup in a different location. This allows you to view more than one plugin at a time.
hope this helps..
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July 10, 2001 @09:11pm
Shawn Parr

You can also shift click on a plug-in (or even a send) to open it in its own window. When you open one in this fasion it defaults to the bull's eye being off.
July 11, 2001 @02:44am

Yeah, I figured this one out. We were trying to do it on the Procontrol. Until you know what you're looking for it's not very obviously laid out on it. Got it, though. Thanx!
July 11, 2001 @03:20am