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Need help choosing Portable PA for track meets


I'm the booster club president for a high school track team. We're a new school and our track has no PA system around it. We're looking to buy a portable system we can store, so outdoor would be ideal, but not an absolute requirement. We want to play music, but the main purpose is voice announcer. Events are spread out, so visualize two football fields end to end, need to hear announcer over crowd noise over entire area. Also, we cannot wire in speakers or run wires across the track, so if we have to extend, its likely going to need to be wireless.
Last meet we borrowed a Samson TM300 mixer with two Phonic speakers (750W I was told), and the system was adequate, but we did have some volume issues at distance. As always, budget is a big concern. We may want to buy initial capability and expand it over time.
I have basic knowledge, but no real expertise, so I understand the terms, but need help knowing what would be the ideal combination would be. For example, we had a mixer and speakers, would adding a power amplifier solve our volume issues, or just blow up the speakers.
Need "best bang" for dollar and advice on best way to set up the system. Assume the system will never be "installed" but rather set up and taken down for each event.
April 29, 2014 @04:06pm