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Boss VE-20 Settings help please


Hi, I am a vocalist ... that means I don't play an instrument at all - and have bought this pedal. I absolutely love it! But the manual I have found is pretty lacking! The demos are great - as sales pitches - but they aren't very helpful when trying to actually DO the settings that are displayed. I am hoping to meet some other enthusiasts that can actally SHARE the knowledge! I play live in a rock band - so things like the master settings etc is pretty important to KNOW about ... how can I find out the best settings? What does the master actually even do? I want to be able to have a setting on my main vocal (ie pitch correct), the distortion effect on the last line of each verse and nice harmony settings for the middle 8 of the song ... the only thing I can think of is by using the by pass for the majority of the verse - the pedal on distortion so I can click that on and off - and the harmony set as I wanted ... is that how I would do it? Can I set the pedal so that reverb or double or even radio will come through if on by pass or do I have to actually switch between two user banks to get the desired effects for the one song? If you had a listen to The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell - you will understand what I am talking about. How can I get all these effects when I need them at a simple click of the pedal?
April 25, 2014 @02:16am