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Will my MOTU 882x work with Logic X without the software?


I recently got gifted a MOTU 882x interface from a buddy but he never gave me the software disc it came for it. I was wondering if I'll need this in order to make the interface work with Logic Pro X on my Mac. My mac has the latest OS and runs at 8GBs ram/500GBs HD.
Are there drivers or downloads I would need for it? Thanks alot!
March 10, 2014 @06:39pm
Joe Muscara

Have you tried it? Lots of interfaces will just work with a Mac if you plug it in and don't install any drivers, though you won't get any extra functionality the manufacturer's drivers may provide. In fact, I often do this so as to not clutter up my computer with drivers.
Also, have you checked MOTU.com for the software? Their site may have the latest if you need it, as well as the user guide which may tell you if you do.
March 11, 2014 @11:53am

When I got my iMac a couple of years ago, I hooked up my Motu828mkII to it, figuring I'd go to Motu's site and download the drivers.
I was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on...OSX went out on the internet and got the drivers itself. Same with my HP printer; I didn't have to do anything but authorize the installation.
If you DO have to get the drivers yourself, all you have to do it register on Motu's website and download the driver package. Motu puts every driver for every one of their interfaces in one file that will recognize the unit automatically and just install the needed driver.
March 11, 2014 @02:22pm