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Need Help Choosing Power Amp


Hi everyone,
First, I have searched for and read the Sweetwater Power Amp Buying Guide, but I just don't understand the power ratings enough to make an informed decision that will help me run the speakers at the highest (and safest) SPL output possible.
I need help choosing the correct power amp for the 3 "clusters" listed below I'm looking at purchasing. None of the gear has been purchased yet because I want to be sure I'm getting the right gear.
First "cluster"
1 EV ELX215 - 600W continuous, 2400W peak - nominal impedance 4 Ohms
2 EV ELX118 - 400W continuous, 1600W peak - nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Second "cluster"
1 EV TX2152 - 1000W continuous, 4000W peak - nominal impedance 4 Ohms
1 EV TX2181 - 1000W continuous, 4000W peak - nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Third "cluster"
1 JBL PRX425 - 600W continuous, 1200W program, 2400W peak - nominal impedance 4 Ohms
2 JBL PRX418S - 800W continuous, 1600W program, 3200W peak - nominal impedance 8 Ohms
I found all of these power ratings on the Electro-Voice and JBL websites.
For the application I'd be using these clusters in, daisy chaining as many speakers in the "cluster" together as possible would be ideal. If I can daisy chain all of them together that would be great, but I also realize I may have to daisy the mains together and the subs together. I also know that the EV speakers have NL4 connectors so I could use both pins to run 2 signals to the "clusters."
Thank you in advance for any and all help with this. I apologize that my post is so long. Just wanted to get all of them figured out in one shot. Thanks again.
February 21, 2014 @09:50am

couple of questions:
are you running these full range? also you have to consider the ohm load you will be pulling. I see some are 8 ohms and some are 4 ohms. What is your budget? you will need more than 1 amp due to the number of speakers. I would run the tops and subs on separate amps. you can get amps that go to negative ohms but they are not cheap.
April 9, 2014 @08:33pm