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Blackstar id series:30/60 fs-10 foot controller


Hey Gang,
Im a lead singing gtr player giggin solo with my self made backing tracks and REALLY LIKE these amps!!!..However?, being an old 60s/70s Guy new to digital, this Foot Controller looks quite intimidating.I havent found 1 video, outta the 40 or so Ive watched, that demo this contraption. The manual is really vague on its "operation"as well. Just wonderin if anyone on here has actually used one LIVE during a gig and able to switch programs "on the fly"? A video SHOWING these 3 modes of operation and how they relate to the display would be PRICELESS!!!!!!.
February 6, 2014 @07:33pm
R Whittington

Hi John,
I haven't used this particular controller, but it would appear holding the far left switch down, switches the control modes which are indicated by the LED strip to the immediate right of the far left button. Once the "mode" is set, each of the four buttons provide individual control that corresponds to each mode. The "patch" mode would seem to be of particular interest to you as it will switch between 4 presets on the amp. These would switch the amp presets on the fly as you say, and the change would be only a 1 button push. You can handle it!
February 6, 2014 @07:52pm