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Help choosing between few budget speakers/monitors please


Hello everyone,
my apologies, I guess this has been covered a dozen of times, but no really satisfying answers have I found...
I need to make a decision choosing a BUDGET ACTIVE STEREO SPEAKERS FOR PC MUSIC LISTENING, and some hobby mixing occasionally. Mainly in nearfield range, but not only. The room is 20 sq.m with bad accoustics. I know, I know...
I need to remain in the 150$ boundaries.
I am thinking about these:
M-Audio AV 40 II (concerned about life expectancy while known for overheating)
Kurzweil KS-40a (maybe with minor improvements as described on some other forum)
Alesis Elevate 5 (pro: front bass-reflex and 5-inch woofer, but so new that no reviews available yet)
I might use my Phil Jones Bass BG-100 amp in place of subwoofer...maybe.
Thanks a lot to everybody giving a hint.
January 24, 2014 @10:35am

if your budget MUST be this low then I suggest you check the used market. New $150 speakers will never really sound great, and will be mostly useless for mixing
January 27, 2014 @06:17pm