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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Driving multiple headphones...the wrong way?


Hello, I'm new to the forum and slightly less new to working with audio gear. I searched for my question but it's kind of odd and specific so I decided to write a new post. I do appreciate all feedback. Hopefully this is an easy one for the pros.
Here is my situation:
I need 6 different click tracks running to 6 different players for a live performance. I already have the click tracks; they are complicated and multi-metered so they will be running through different MIDI instrument tracks in a DAW and then sent out through an audio interface through 6 different channels. I feel fine with this so far. I'll be using a SaffirePro 40 interface and the related Mix-Control software.
Here is my question:
Can I drive headphones from the line outs on the Pro40, and control the volume with the DSP mixer or DAW? I don't need stereo mixes, I don't need multiple tracks run out to each player, and we will be using small in-ear headphones. It's just a click, high fidelity isn't what I'm after. I'm trying to avoid a separate headphone amplifier due to cost, though I do realize having a dedicated amplifiers would be the ideal solution.
So whats the "in-a-pinch" solution? Also, It would be nice if the balanced line outs on the interface would produce a double-mono signal in the headphones, but thats not required. I'm sure someone knows this answer, I just lack the experience on this one.
January 16, 2014 @06:45pm

Maybe. Most line outs I've tried will do a decent job driving a variety of bud and headphone models. Make a couple of adapter cables and give it a try.
January 27, 2014 @06:51am