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Driverack PX Dropping out on one side


I have owned a Driverack PX for a number of years and it's worked really well in small clubs/rooms as well as practicing in my studio to reduce feedback. Lately, It seems to be dropping out-not completely- maybe a 40-50% sound level reduction, then phases back in /out. I have reset the firmware to factory standards and reprogrammed my presets and while it worked well for one session, it started doing it again this past weekend. I have very good power conditioning and all cables work perfectly. I have bypassed the box and the issue is gone, so it's NOT the speakers ( SRM450's).
Is there something to do here besides replace it? What could have happened? It's been in the rack for 4 years and always on a conditioner- the rack leaves the studio maybe 3 times a year max .
I am ready to scrap it- can't believe repairing is less than buying new, but any suggestions would be great.
Thanks, Will
January 13, 2014 @05:55pm