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Pigtronix Echolution Help!!


hi there,
i am an aspiring DIYer and I build/repair boutique pedals and amplifiers... a friend of mine recently gave me some broken pedals to work on, one of which is an original Pigtronix Echolution (the first analog delay they made, not the II series).
here is my diagnosis so far:
(to test, im using a tele > pedal > vox NT15)
* When the pedal is powered up, the modulation LED's both light up and the Engage switch LED operates normally, however there is only a slight tonal boost to the actual output
* The pedal has 5 green surface LED diode indicators mounted on the smaller circuit board inside the enclosure.
* When powered up, D1 and D2 flash rapidly back and forth for 1-3 seconds and then go out.
* D4 lights up after 1&2 stop flashing, and stays lit.
* D3 shows no response and D5 stays lit.
there is also a trimpot i noticed near the power supply inputs on the main board. is this for biasing the pedal?
i need to gather some more info about this circuit in order to figure it out, and when I contacted them about it, they told me the repair needed to be done in house :/
this pedal is out of warranty anyways, and hopefully is nothing major to repair.
can anybody point me in the right direction?
thank you in advance!!
January 10, 2014 @10:11pm