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Creation Station for use with Finale, Garritan, and Studio One Professional


I am in need of some advice.
I have been using Finale to write my music for years and have been recording using a Yamaha AW16G and two Yamaha ES and XS8 synthesizers. I have been happy with the results but it has limited me to only four to six tracks at a time, causing me to have to do multiple passes to get all of the tracks of my orchestration recorded but this requires a lot of time spent synching the multiple takes.
I have been looking at purchasing the Creation Station 450 to run my Studio One professional software and I have the Studiolive 24 channel board. My original plan was to use the studio live mixer as the input device thus allowing me more simultaneous inputs but this would require a second high powered computer to run Finale to play back the tracks to the synthesizers. As I shopped for different systems I came upon a suggestion by another company's sales engineer that I simply continue to write my music in Finale but export the individual instruments into midi files and use computer based sounds such as Garritan or East/West. and I am wondering if the CS 450 is a powerful enough machine to accomplish me being able to not only create my scores in Finale but also allow me to record the tracks all at once into studio one professional using exported midi tracks from Finale utilizing the software based sounds.
Thanks for your help.
December 27, 2013 @01:53am