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Need Expert Help:JamHub plus KRK Rokit 6 as Output


Hello Sweetwater,
I am a newbie to pro-audio and is setting up a home studio. My purpose is to have an option either using monitors without the headphones to practice.
I want to connect 2 guitars + bass, vox + edrums into the jamhub tourbus and the outputs will be R headphones (stereo) into my KRK Rokit 6.
Here are options I have in mind:
(1) Use Channel R Stereo out. Which one is better 1a or 1b?
(1a)Connected Y, split into 2x Rokit6 via XLR?
(1b)Connected Y, split into 2x Rokit6 via TRS?
(2) use two channels, headphones(stereo outs going to 1x Rokit 6)
Do you think this set-up will capture the lows and highs of the practice set-up or i will need sub-woofers.
Please recommend.
i also have an idea like:
(3) Use another channel jam-hub out (stereo) to mono TRS as input to a base amp as a sub woofer for the edrums and bass guitar to capture the lows.
My room is only 2.5m x 4m.
October 14, 2013 @11:32pm