• I have a Macbook Pro and currently I am using Logic and a firestudio project.
  • I want to upgrade. I want something as pro as possible under $1000 with at least 8 mic inputs that I can upgrade to at least 10.
  • I record drums, vocals, guitar, and bass.
  • I heard good things about the Liquid Saffire Pro 56. I know you can connect it to the Octopre for more inputs but I heard bad things about the Octopre's preamps.
  • I want the best sounding preamps possible for this price range.
  • I was also considering the saffire pro40 and connecting it to a saffire pro 24 or another 40 for the two extra channels (if possible). The problem with that is I really like the liquid channel feature. and the pro40 doesn't have that.

What should I do?