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Urgent!! Need help in setting my first home studio


Hi Guys,
I am Sanjeev from India.
I am setting up my first home studio. I am making a humble beginning.
1) I will be recording my vocals, genre being Pop, Alternate Rock,
2) And produce music for the same with a DAW and my keyboard - Yamaha PSR E 313 (using it as a MIDI synthesizer)
3) I will be recording in an acoustically untreated room,
I do have :
1) A PC with Windows 7 64 bit,
2) AMD dual core processor 4800+ with 2.5GHZ,
3) 3 GB DDR2 RAM,
4) YAMAHA PSR E-313 (which has a midi i/o)
Things I am planning to purchase:
1) AKG D5 dynamic microphone (for vocals)
2) Roland UA-11 audio interface,
3) MIDI to USB cable (to connect my keyboard directly to PC’s USB port)
4) DAW - Ableton live 9 suite - 64 bit
So my questions are,
Keeping everything mentioned above in mind,
1) Do I really need a pre-amp for AKG D5 which is a dynamic mic, as pre-amp is normally suggested for condenser mics.
2) Does AKG D5 work well with Roland UA-11.
3) Or can you suggest me any other USB audio interface. Budget is around $100. ( I am advised by few music producers not to buy M-audio, as it’s not so good)
4) What do you think about Ableton 9 and its compatibility with the interface?
5) Lastly, on the whole what do you feel about the set up and components? Any suggestions?
P.S. – I am extremely passionate about my music and can’t postpone it further. I don’t mind starting small, but I do mind if I don’t start. So any kind of suggestion and help is highly valued and appreciated.
August 9, 2013 @03:31pm