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Belt Clip For XLRM


I have an Audio-Technica PRO8HEx. It has a nearly useless 7' cable with unrepairable molded in connections. I use this live and don't really want to drag a 30' mic cable around by this fragile XLRM connection. What would work is a belt clip for the XLRM to eliminate any strain on the mics cable or connectors. Any help? The belt clip DPA uses on their power pack transformer is the right idea.
August 2, 2013 @08:34pm

I had that problem and the best answer for me was to buy an Audio Technica ATM75 headset w/ a power supply "box" with a clip. It's a condenser mic so it needs the power supply but at least it clips securely on the belt. PLUS I thought the PRO 8 mic didn't sound as good as the ATM75 - just my opinion. One feature/issue though...I've pulled the XLR out of the power supply when I stepped on the mic cord - but that's just me. {*_*}.
August 6, 2013 @03:27am

I found out A-T has a clip, p/n P12111 but apparently you have to order it direct. I considered the ATM75 but this is a trial balloon so I opted to keep it simple. Besides, it's blues/R&B in sonically cramped bars; whatever gain in quality the ATM75 provided would be dashed by a deaf sound man and a lead guitarist who's gonna turn it up to 11.
August 6, 2013 @05:25am