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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Paying Twice For Virtual Synthesizers


I bought East-West RA, back in in the Windows XP days.
Starting last week, I wanted to use the RA library in
Windows 8 and it did not work. I got the note below from a
"tech" at East-West, who said it will cost an upgrade fee to
use it again. - I upgraded and used my old libraries (older
than RA) from Arturia.com, from IKMultimedia.com, and from
Spectrosonics.net, at no additional cost. After buying RA
from East-West, for $300, they will not let me keep using
the library without paying another $100. - Think before you
invest in a company that will charge you more later. I will
not buy any more East-West products.
As of 2007 NI and East West have disaffiliated, thus the
discontinuation of the NI edition libraries. When this
discontinuation took place, East West did offer free
upgrades for 2 years(given that you had purchased the
library 1 year prior to the discontinuation of the NI
edition libraries). Anyone who had bough and registered the
product would have gotten notifications of this free
The paid upgrade has always been up, and have had many NI
customers pay for the upgrade.. as paid upgrades are not
Luis Jimenez
July 26, 2013 @12:40pm