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Zed 24-Questions on Distribution of Monitor Signal


I am trying to route the Aux 1 & 2 signals to stage monitors. I have been using mic channels 15 and 16 on a snake with a Radio Shack part 274-016C adapter (Lo-Z Balanced to Hi-Z Unbalanced). I am not so sure this is the best solution. I have two available main distribution channels on the snake. The board side connectors are XLR-F. According to the manual, the Aux jacks are impedance balanced 1/4 inch.
My questions are:
1. What is the best way to distribute the Aux signal (mic or main channel) and
2. What would the wiring be to patch the snake XLR-F to the Aux channel (TS or TRS--I could not determine which by the user manual) and
3. What the wiring would be to patch the other end of the snake: XLR-M to the monitors*.
4. What is the best type of cable to use to construct the patches. I have GLS Audio Mic Cable (31-256).
* Note: Another band member is acquiring new monitors, so I am not sure what jacks will be available.
Thanks in advance.
June 29, 2013 @02:35pm