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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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advice on a single rack tube pre / eq channel strip


Dear audiophiles
I need your advice. Ive created my "live" acoustic guitar tone by running it through a tube a mic pre /eq on stage prior to sending my signal to the house.
For many years I have been using the dbx 586 to tube up my tone (color it) & eq my signal before hits whatever board or sound person the club is using. I get a really great tone but as many of you already know the 586 is a really noisy unit due to its transformer in the audio path (my tubes may also be old).
I'm looking to upgrade and would like suggestions for a decent tube pre w/ eq & line level or xlr outs. I would also very much like to find something that is single channel and single rack. I fly a lot and put my pre in a back pack through the airports (security loves me). So less weight and less rack would be a plus.
June 15, 2013 @05:11pm